Resettlement property

The rules and the process of property resettlement is not easy. It is often complicated and stressful. We offer you our help:

  • we will prepare and fill in the required documents,
  • we will provide customs and legal advice,
  • we will analyze: whether items can be exempt from duty, and which ones,
  • we will help you obtain permits from the customs office,
  • we provide comprehensive customs documentation support,
  • we will handle the customs clearance,
  • we will transport your property and deliver it to the indicated address.

We deal with transporting every type of resettlement property – regardless of its size, mass or value. Our experts have been dealing with the property relocation for years and are perfectly aware of the current customs and legal regulations. Our company’s advantages certainly include many years of experience. Our major priorities include satisfied customers, as well as efficient and reliable operation. Feel free to contact us.