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Damaged vehicles – auction

We offer comprehensive services in importing damaged cars from the USA and Canada. When buying a damaged car, we will not only import it, but also repair it (for more information, see the “Car repairs” tab). Buying a car from overseas may seem complicated. No worries! Our experienced specialists will help you gladly. We assure you that cooperation with us guarantees an efficient, fast and professional process of bringing a vehicle from across the ocean.

There is a big market for American cars in Poland. No wonder – cars from across the ocean are primarily characterized by convenience, spaciousness and good equipment. They are also cheaper than those available in Europe. Want to import you dream car? Choose your dream model. We will handle all documentation and the entire procedure of delivering the vehicle to the indicated address.

See how simple it is:

  1. You choose your dream car at one of the auctions.
  2. We send you feedback about the car based on the following reports: CARFAX, AUTOCHECK and expert opinion.
  3. You decide what maximum amount you’re willing to spend on the purchase and we negotiate the price.
  4. We sign a contract.
  5. Having won the bid, you make the payment agreed upon.
  6. We comprehensively deal with all documentation and delivery procedure of your car.
  7. We repair the imported cars at the customer’s request (if they had chosen a damaged vehicle).
  8. We deliver your car to the indicated address.

(For a detailed description of each procedure above, please refer to the “Procurement Procedures” tab.)