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Undamaged vehicles

A new or used car does not have to cost an arm and a leg. With the help of our specialists, you can find your dream car with ease. You do not have to limit yourself to models available in Europe. You can often find better-equipped and cheaper vehicles in the US automotive market. Want to bring your dream car, but you don’t know how? Our professional team will take care of the entire procedure efficiently and quickly.

See how simple it is:

  1. You choose your dream car or show us the brand and model, and we find it for you.
  2. We send you feedback about the car based on the following reports: CARFAX, AUTOCHECK and expert opinion.
  3. You decide what maximum amount you’re willing to spend on the purchase and we negotiate the price.
  4. After making a decision, we sign a contract.
  5. You make the payment agreed upon.
  6. We comprehensively deal with all documentation and delivery procedure of your car.
  7. We deliver your car to the indicated address.

(For a detailed description of each procedure above, please refer to the “Procurement Procedures” tab.)